‘Brotox’: Why More Men Than Ever Are Embracing Botox

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There’s no doubting the success of Botox® as an effective and popular way to ease the appearance of active wrinkles on your face. Originally developed as a treatment for overactive eye muscles, the relaxing effect on crow’s feet and worry lines caught on immediately with people seeking new ways of preserving their younger appearance.

Of course, as with many cosmetic procedures, Botox was embraced eagerly by women while men showed reticence. There is, however, a current boom in Botox treatments for men. The stigma about “having work done” no longer stands in the way, as Botox procedures have refined into fast, safe, and natural treatments.

The Botox effect

Not all wrinkles and lines are created equally. Some are due to loss of moisture and elasticity of your skin, combined with deteriorating support tissue. Essentially, your outer skin now falls into crevasses in the middle layers. These types of lines and wrinkles are passive, and not the target of Botox.

Other lines, however, result not from skin issues but from the expressive muscles in your face, those that reveal your moods and thoughts. A happy and smiling personality may result in crow’s feet beside each eye, from muscles habitually contracted in smiles. Your brow and forehead could fall victim to long hours of concentration, giving you an unintended stern appearance.

Your skin simply follows the contours of these muscles that are now semi-permanently contracted. Botox uses an incredibly diluted neurotoxin to induce a temporary though long-lasting relaxation of these muscles. As the medication takes effect, the contracted muscles stand down and years of age disappear.

Fast, painless, natural

The days of artificial, deer-in-the-headlights results from Botox injections are gone. There was a tendency in the early days of aesthetic use to over-inject. Now, because the target muscles are well-known and in the hands of an experienced applicator, Botox results are completely natural. You retain the ability to smile, frown, and concentrate, maintaining the complete range of human emotion. Your face simply relaxes when the moment passes.

The ‘Brotox’ phenomenon

This refinement of technique along with word-of-mouth is spreading the Botox news among men. There are several factors that make Botox treatments inviting to men who otherwise wouldn’t consider aesthetic work. These factors include:

When you already have an effective routine to maintain your appearance through exercise and diet, it just makes sense to add Botox to your regimen. It’s another way to keep muscles in shape, and that’s probably a big reason behind the Brotox movement.

Contact GLO Aesthetics today, by phone or using their online tool. Dr. Volpe and his team are committed to helping you realize your aesthetic goals, and Botox is a powerful addition to your arsenal.

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