Find Out How the Icon™ Laser Can Help you Diminish the Appearance of Acne Scars

Appearance of Acne Scars James Volpe at GLO Aesthetics in Philadelphia

Acne is most prevalent during your teenage years, when your body is changing and your hormones are going crazy. Breakouts occur when your skin’s pores become clogged with oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells, which then swell into those nasty blemishes. Once they’ve dried up, most blemishes heal and disappear within a few days, but others become inflamed and end up leaving scars on your skin.

If you still bear the evidence of breakouts on your face, chest, shoulders, or back, Dr. James Volpe at GLO Aesthetics in Philadelphia can help you. With the revolutionary Icon™ laser treatment, your skin could be refreshed and healthier-looking in just a few sessions. The system works for men and women with a multitude of skin types.

Acne scarring

Although most blemishes heal on their own and disappear fairly quickly, those that become inflamed can create permanent scarring on your skin. The inflamed pore swells and causes the follicle wall to break, which, if deep enough, can cause infected material to spill into surrounding pores. This creates even larger lesions that the skin attempts to repair by forming new collagen fibers, which are not usually as smooth as the original skin.

There are two types of acne scars:



How the Icon laser system works

The Icon scar treatment uses a fractional erbium laser. It’s non-ablative, meaning it doesn’t cut the skin. This laser generates columns of heat that penetrate the dermis to cause inflammation. As a result of the inflammation below your skin’s surface, the healthy tissue there produces collagen and elastin, which work to heal the skin over time. These fibers also tighten the area.

For acne scar tissue, healthier and tighter skin means the scars become much less noticeable. Simultaneously, the light generated by the laser works to diminish some of the excess pigmentation in scars. This process is similar to the way laser tattoo removal works.

What to expect during treatment

Your scars are different from everyone else’s, and your treatment plan should be as well. During your initial consultation, Dr. Volpe examines your skin to determine if it’s healthy enough for the Icon laser treatment. He also determines the severity of your scarring.

At a minimum, we typically recommend three treatments to start with, re-evaluating from there. You should begin seeing results by the end of your third treatment and can add more treatments if you would like to continue. No more than 6 or 7 treatments are usually necessary to see the best results. Your treatments are scheduled over the course of two to three months.

The Icon laser treatment procedure itself should cause you minimal discomfort. After each session, you may experience some redness and swelling in the area for a few days, similar to a mild sunburn. You may also feel a stinging sensation.

These symptoms can be easily lessened and treated by using a cold pack and taking over the counter anti-inflammatory medication if need be. Although you can resume your daily activities immediately after your session, you should take care to protect your skin from the sun as much as possible while your skin heals.

You don’t have to live with scarred skin anymore. Stop slathering on layers of makeup — which further causes breakouts — or being ashamed of your acne scars. Put your best face forward with the Icon laser treatment. Call us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Volpe or request an appointment online.

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