How Non-Invasive Photorejuvenation Uses Light to Banish Brown Spots and Other Skin Discolorations

It’s bad enough when wrinkles and fine lines begin to show up on your face, but adding insult to injury are the increasing areas of hyperpigmentation — aka brown spots, age spots, and liver spots — as well as the appearance of unsightly facial veins. Before you know it, that clean, bright canvas of youth becomes a mottled network of skin problems. Thankfully, we can fight back through our advanced intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments.

At GLO Aesthetics, under the expert leadership of Dr. James Volpe, we offer the very latest laser technology to clear away the signs of aging, allowing our Philadelphia area clients to turn the page on facial blemishes. Using the Icon™ Aesthetic System, we bring new light to aging skin.

Here’s how our noninvasive photorejuvenation treatment uses light to battle the dark.

The mounting evidence of time

There are several forces at play when it comes to aging skin and none more powerful than the sun. Your skin plays a very critical role in your health, shielding your body from a number of things that may do it harm, including the radiation in the sun’s ultraviolet rays. To protect you from this, your skin contains melanin, which absorbs the sun’s harmful rays, preventing them from reaching your internal systems.

After years of offering this protection, however, your melanin may not function as well as it once did, often clustering in some areas, leaving others devoid of any color. The end result is that your skin begins to develop areas of hyperpigmentation — brown spots.

In addition to this erratic behavior in your melanin, the sun also draws some veins toward the surface of your skin, causing those spindly red lines to appear. Also called facial veins, these typically develop in highly exposed areas around your cheeks and nose.

Between the brown spots and facial veins, your once even complexion gives way to a lively landscape of blemishes.

Fighting back with light

With our Icon laser system, we use intense beams of light to break up these brown spots and other discolorations. The energy we deliver passes harmlessly through your epidermis (the surface of your skin) and targets the melanin in the dermis below. Your melanin absorbs the light as heat, which is strong enough to destroy and break apart the melanin, leaving your body to flush out the debris naturally.

When it comes to facial veins, the IPL technology causes these veins to constrict, making them far less visible. If you’re worried about whether this will affect your blood flow, rest assured that if the vein is active, your blood quickly reroutes to healthier blood vessels deeper in your tissue.

It’s easy

One of the attributes our clients appreciate the most, aside from the great results, is that there’s no downtime associated with our IPL photorejuvenation. The Icon laser comes equipped with a cooling device for your comfort, and once we finish your treatment, you’re free to get on with your day.

To get the best results, we typically recommend that you undergo a series of 3-5 IPL treatments, which we space apart by several weeks to allow time for your body to flush away the damaged cells.

Your results will reveal themselves gradually as you progress through your treatments, with optimal results 6-12 weeks after your final visit with us.

If you’d like to clear away some of the telltale signs of aging, simply give us a call to set up an appointment. Or you can use the easy online booking tool.

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