How Weight Loss Can Benefit More Than Just Your Appearance

When we think about losing weight, the main focus tends to be on improving our looks -- but that’s only one of the many benefits of weight loss. There are other significant benefits for your health and lifestyle. 

Here at GLO Aesthetics, James Volpe, DO, can help you achieve your weight-loss goals. He assesses your current weight and health conditions, and then he guides you through the process to ensure that you lose your excess weight safely. 

Are you ready to learn about all of the benefits you’ll experience when you lose weight? Check them out below.

Reduced risk of physical health conditions 

Just a 5-10% reduction in your body weight can reduce your risk for several serious health conditions. Excess weight and an increased waist size both are signs that you could be at risk of these conditions: 

As you lose weight, your body experiences less stress on your internal systems. This means that your risk for many of these conditions will decrease. Losing weight for health reasons is a strong motivator and a good predictor for success in your weight loss journey. 

Better mental health 

Losing weight is as much mental as it is physical. Many people experience an improved quality of life as they lose weight and become more active, which has a positive improvement in their mental health. People who socialize with others tend to have fewer instances of depression.

Self-esteem also improves as you begin to feel better about your appearance -- and because losing weight is a huge accomplishment. You’ve worked hard to lose the weight; you deserve to be proud of your progress.

Increased energy 

One of the first things people report when losing weight is increased energy. On a basic level, this makes sense. You are carrying around fewer pounds, so you feel lighter.

Weight loss also improves your respiratory function, which may help you exercise longer -- a bonus for losing weight. You may even feel less out of breath climbing stairs or jogging to catch the bus. 

Lower medical costs 

We mentioned that those who are overweight or obese are at greater risk for several health conditions. With those conditions come multiple treatments and medications. But as you lose weight, those medications and treatments may no longer be necessary. 

While it’s important to see Dr. Volpe for annual check-ups, you may not need to attend additional appointments as your overall health improves with weight loss. However, it’s always important to talk with him before you stop any treatment or medication. 

Better work attendance 

Individuals who are obese account for a large portion of health-related worker absenteeism. One study found that obesity created a financial burden for states by accounting for about 6-12% of total absenteeism in the workplace. 

So by losing weight, you may miss work less often, which has the potential to improve your work performance and propel your career.

Get help with your weight-loss journey 

Getting medical support is extremely helpful when you’re trying to lose weight. Dr. Volpe can help you reach your weight loss goals. He can explain the reality of your current health risks, help you set goals, and provide support and guidance so that you lose weight in a healthy way. 

Call our office in Philadelphia or request an appointment online today to start your weight-loss journey with GLO Aesthetics. 

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